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From my earliest memories I have dabbled in different forms of art, I guess because, beyond the basics, you are only limited by your imagination. Everyday life can be filled with rigid rules and expectations, what a wonderful balancing effect, a bit of artictic expression can add to any life, whether unleashed by an artisan or embraced by an admirer.

Rock And Mineral Spheres *Attention*
The creation of Rock and Mineral Spheres is my speciality. Almost all of the items presented are cut and polished by my self. I do, on occasion procure items in need of special attention such as regrinding and/or proper polishing. Or those rare times where Estate pieces can be obtained, and value can be past along to you the customer.
*Special Orders* If you have a special rock or mineral that you think would produce a nice sphere, please click on this link to review a primer on " How to select rough material to be sphered ". If you have any questions please email or call me. I can also slab your material if a sphere is not in the stars for you.

Lapidary Equipment And Accessories
We carry a ranging and constantly varible selection of "NEW" and "PREOWNED" equipment. All preowned machinery is completly cleaned and refurbished to original specification. An example of one of our refurbs is a LORTONE LU6X Combo lapidary unit featured in the thumbnail in the lower left column. We feature, and pay special attention to preowned equipment, because of the prohibitive cost of new machinery.